Offering investment, engineering, design, operation and financial solutions according to the requirements of its Public and Private clients, Akfen Environment and Water delivers services for Water and Environment sector via different models such as Concession, Public Private Sector Partnerships, Build-Operate-Transfer, EPC and O&M contracts.

Pioneer Service Provider for Water and Wastewater BOT and Concession Project Model’s in Turkey.

Akfen Environment and Water Investment, Construction, Operation Co. (Akfen Environment and Water) was founded in June 2005 to develop concession projects in the Turkish water industry.

Akfen Environment and Water is the first and still the only private sector company concessionaire delivering services to Municipalities and Organized Industrial Zones via a concession model in the area of Water and Environmental services. Leveraging the advantage of being the first player in the sector to position itself in such a way as to acquire the largest market share, Akfen Environment and Water is one of the leading and players in the industry with its important role in the development of Concession and Build-Operate-Transfer projects in water, waste water and environment sectors, with its accumulated experience, and specialized human resources.

Akfen Environment and Water’s primary mission is to recover the large economic losses in Turkey’s current water and infrastructure sector and to provide uninterrupted, reliable and healthy water and infrastructure services for the people. Akfen Environment and Water also aims to ensure the sustainability of this situation by developing new technologies and to gain strength in the global market with these technologies.

Leading Solid Waste Management Service Provider, PPP City Hospitals of Turkey

Through combining its expertise and know-how in water and wastewater services, Akfen Environment and Water provides tailored Solid Waste Management services according to the needs of its clients.

Businesses are in need of different solutions and requirements in the field of Solid Waste Management in line with the pertaining law and regulations and their field of activity. Akfen Environment and Water provides sustainable, eco-friendly and customer satisfaction focused solutions in Solid Waste Management Systems by developing, reporting and implementing all required processes to achieve sustainable Solid Waste Management system. In this context, drafting due diligence reports according to the environmental law and related regulations, detection, reporting, identification of all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, classification, collection, sorting, temporary storage, transportation, recycling and disposal are some of the services provided by Akfen Environment and Water.